Membership is open to anyone who is interested in water media. JWS is a wonderful way to meet and make new friends and network with an array of like-minded artists.

include member fees for workshops, artist demonstrations at monthly meetings, opportunity to participate in juried shows and community outreach, access to JWS library of art videos and books, and communication via newsletter, web site, and e-mail.  

describe opportunities available and responsibilities of officers and committees as well as governance of JWS as a non-profit organization.  Click on link for pdf copy of Bylaws.

Membership dues are $35 per year for individual memberships and $42 per year for family memberships and $20 per year for student memberships. The dues are payable at the beginning of the JWS fiscal year, January 1st and are delinquent after January 31st. 

Members' list includes links to the members’ websites or galleries, where you can view the works of some of our members. 

Donations is a new section that describes how to make a donation to Jacksonville Watercolor Society.  

Join or Renew Membership

BY MAIL: Click here to download the membership application form and fill out the information. This form can be used for new members and members renewing their membership. Mail the application form and your check to Rebecca Mentz at the address on the form. Membership dues are also accepted at the monthly meetings in person by check or cash.

ONLINE: Submit Application and Pay Dues via Two-Step Process

Step 1. Click here to bring up online membership application form and complete online. When you "submit" this will send the information to our membership email address for processing. Return to step 2 below to pay dues.

Step 2. Pay dues online, selecting the individual, family, or student membership box from the menu below and press the “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the box. This will take you to the secured JWS PayPal account.  Please review the shopping cart to ensure your selection recorded correctly and the quantity is "1".   You may pay with your own PayPal account or by credit card and fill out the requested information as a non-PayPal account.  A small convenience fee of $2.00 is added for online payments to offset charges to JWS for PayPal's payment processing services. 


Membership Dues



Membership Dues



Membership Dues


Members List and Websites

Current members are listed below. Lifetime members, including Past Presidents are in a separate list. If a member has a website, a link to the website may be added to the member's name by contacting Karen Zelenkov. Please provide any changes to your membership information to Becky Mentz. If you have paid your dues and do not see your name below, please contact Becky. Click on the names with links to see members’ website and gallery.

Catherine Anninos
Adele Anthony
Carol Baker
Nancy Banks
Lelana Barnes
Elaine Bergstrom
Deborah Bird
Deborah Broach
Jeannie Brockhausen
Michael Byrd
Kathy Carithers
Linda Cox
Janet Czaplinski
Lisa Deems
Sophie Dentiste
Patricia Dougherty
Carol Doyle
LuAnn Dunkinson
Charon Dyer
Linda Fern
Susan Fraser
Robyn Freedman
Jeannie Gabrynowicz
Gary Garrett
Jennifer Garrett
Amy Gay
Leslie Gerlach
Richard Godke
Geri Groenert
Enma Alcarraz Guia
Cindy Guy
Cinda Haas
Beth Haizlip
Marcela Hampel
Kyle Harper
Linda Hawkins
Ted Head
Danielle Helow
Heather Hill
Linda Hockmeyer
Barbara Holt
Brenda Howze
Suzanne Humphrey
Julie Hynes

Susan Alt Johnson
Frances Jones
Gail Karson
Jill Kelly
Janet Killackey
Betty Kirchner
Modhavi Kodali
Janice Koss
Vicki Lake
Jean Langlie
Gloria Larson
Mary Florence Lee
Lynda Lewis
Emily Long
Lynn Mayhew
Lynn McClow
Tom McCrary
Judy McDermott
Debra McElreath
Linda McQueen
Ronni Melnick
Rebecca Mentz
Tracy Merrell
Lorraine Miller
Mary Ann Miller
Barbara Milon
Rosemary Moredock
Barbara Nelson
Lois Newman
Mary Norman
Kate Norton
Tito Oliver
Margaret Pelton
Cynthia Pierson
Janet Post
Ingrid Prosser
Marise Rinkel
Pablo Rivera
Dee Roberts
Joan L. Romain
Beverly Roux
Cathy Salzer
Rhona Scoville
Elizabeth & Carli Schiefen
Karen Serenchy

Susan Setterlund
Joan Sheridan
Svetlana Shorey
Connie Skinner

Joyce Snell
Giovanna Sparagna
Denise Sparf
Siv Spurgeon
Mary-Blue Ster
Arlene Tabor
Nina Tarnuzzer
Michael Tibor
Rochelle Waldman
Mary A. Walker
Don Wallace
Louann Williams
Jackie Wilson
Nancy Witherington
Polly Wollner
Carolyn Winn

Lifetime Members
Miles Batt #2
Diane Bradley
Fran Grandy
Ann Leathery
Virginia Meadows 
Terese Muller
Leigh Murphy
Chris Olmoguez
Lucy Price
Stephanie Sipp
Jennie Szaltis
Francesca Tabor-Miolla
Scotty Thornton
Gloria Travassos-James
Verna Urbanski
Janelle Watson
R. Tuni Weiss
Renee Winkler
Becky Woodward
Karen Zelenkov


Over the years, JWS has received generous donations in honor of past and present members.  We are grateful for that support.  If you would like to make a donation to JWS, please notify our President, LuAnn Dunkinson or other board member (see About Us for contact information).  

PICK UP:  If donating art material or supplies, arrangements will be made to pick up and deliver.
 Please send a check payable to the Jacksonville Watercolor Society and include "Donation" and the name of the person being honored by the donation on the check.  Mailing address will be arranged upon notification of the donation.