Congratulations to JWS ARTISTS OF THE YEAR – 2016




Barbara has been a member of JWS for many years and has served on the Hospitality and Show Committees since the mid 1990s.  She was also the Artist of the Year Show Chair for several years after 2008.

Barbara is self taught and has attended JWS and FWS sponsored workshops and classes with Hercel Stallard, Pat Weaver, Pat Lusk and others. She is a member of the Art Guild of Orange Park, the St Augustine Art Association and the Florida Watercolor Society.  Barbara has won several awards in JWS shows and other  exhibitions.   She has taught beginner watercolor classes for a number of years.


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AOTY Rita Blum                                                               RITA BLUM

Rita has been a member of JWS for about 15 years.  During that time she has held multiple board positions including VP of Shows and VP of Programs and Education, has provided support to many JWS shows and was an active member of the  JWS Outreach Program.

Rita graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a BA in graphic design and advertising and worked as a commercial artist for 15 years.  She continued her education with many workshops.  Rita is also a member of the Society of Mixed Media Artists, Florida Watercolor Society, the Art Guild of Orange Park and was a founding member of Art Center Cooperative from 2006 to 2009. Rita has won several awards in JWS shows and other exhibitions. She has exhibited in her artwork in local galleries and shows and in Boston and New England.  Rita has been a featured artist at the JCA, Village Gallery of Orange Park, Beaches Fine Art Series, and Wilson Gallery Artist Show and has sold paintings to private collectors in Jacksonville, New England, and the Netherlands. 

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blum - main street bridge blues_t
4 Blum - Venice Blues_t1
61 blum the yellow door_t
AOTY 2016 show card 2-1